About Our Farm


We are a small family farm in pleasant North East Texas, specializing in rare and heritage poultry, as well as a few beautiful project flocks.

Our chicken addiction started years ago with just a few mail-order chicks from a big hatchery. The more educated we became, the more we realized the importance of immunity, health, lifespan, egg production, reproduction, offspring, temperament, and even appearance rely heavily on high quality genetics.

We strive for superior quality and breed towards the APA Standard of Perfection to provide the best we can offer in the show barn.  We breed for strong immunity, vigor, health, hardiness and temperament. We offer fertile hatching eggs, chicks, juveniles, and adult poultry, as well as unfertile eating eggs.

For the health of our flock we operate a closed biosecure environment according to the NPIP guidelines. 

We are TX NPIP # 74-4361 certified clean Salmonella Pullorum-Typhoid.

Our Flock Guardians


Claire and Victoria are our loyal furry family members and gentle flock protectors.

Herd of 13


Oreo, S'mores, Marshmallow, Tiny Tim, Peaches, Hersheys, Petunia, Milkyway, Mr. Nibbles, Toasty, No Name, Clover, and Coco Hollow work hard at maintaining our pastures and enjoy the occasional spa day!

Mr. Fuzzibunz

Our resident gardener works hard to keep the perennials under control.