Our Breeds

Double Laced Barnevelders


Silver, Standard and Blue! Their beautiful contrasting lacing are sure to be eye-catching AND they lay gorgeous deep terra cotta eggs! Our Barnevelders are bred to the APA Standard of Perfection.



Not your typical Legbars! Our Opal Legbars are a feminine pastel (Isabel) variety. They are autosexing and lay a beautiful large blue egg, sometimes with a green hue!

True Ameraucana


Yes! We have the real deal!  Our Self-Blue (Lavender) Ameraucanas lay beautiful blue eggs! Their full beards are nearly as adorable as their sweet personalities! Our Ameraucana are bred to the APA Standard of Perfection.



These sweet puffy clouds are full of character! Their small stature and gentle nature make them perfect for small children and snuggles! Our Silkies are bred toward the APA Standard of Perfection.



Big, soft and fluffy enough to cuddle! Orpingtons make a classic choice and our project colors add a modern twist! Check out our Lavender Mottled, Lavender, Black Mottled, Splash, and Black!

Celadon Coturnix Quail


Our Celadon Coturnix Quail come in a variety of colors and lay adorable freckled blue eggs!